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Mijack Homebuilders, LLC is a third generation company with over 80 years in the construction industry, having gained a reputation for quality, service, and speed. We brought that experience and passion to the homebuilding business.

With our staff and subcontractor relationships, we are able to provide high quality construction with an abundance of features at competitive prices. We pay attention to every detail, from electrical outlet placement to the backup generator that automatically comes on in an emergency. We provide unique features that make your life easier, like a Snow-Melt system that automatically melts snow from your walkway and driveway. Style is equally important, and a lot of thought goes into every detail. Each home has extensive trim work to make you feel like you’ve been transported to the “Old World” when artisans and craftsmen were more like artists.

Mike Giacopelli, President
I am a Villanova University graduate with close to 30 years in the construction business. Through the years I have developed over 1 million square feet of new construction including commercial, industrial, retail and residential buildings. My passion is custom luxury residential properties. I love to create homes for people that are beautiful in design and are of high quality in function. I take great pride in our products and our reputation means everything. My beautiful wife is my “sounding board” and her input and support has been very valuable and my beautiful kids are the inspiration for the company name. Jack and Michael were the original inspirations and the lavender “A” was created when Nicolina was born.